Committee Information

IRID is accepting letters of interest for individuals prepared to offer their leadership and service as a Committee Member or Committee Chairperson. IRID is a member driven organization and we need you, the members, to help us continue to be the best RID Affiliate Chapter in the nation. Through volunteering and committee work, you can help make a difference.

Whether you work in a community, educational, or video relay setting, your input and guidance is needed and necessary. Please take a moment to consider what you can do for IRID, be it volunteering to help with a workshop, joining a committee, or serving on the board. Your efforts are what make IRID the vital organization that it is today.

Committees provide the opportunity for members to contribute to the future growth and direction of the organization—to make a real difference for interpreters, students of interpreting, and the Deaf Community we serve. Please take the time to consider joining a committee and/or providing the name of someone you feel has the passion serve. If you would like to suggest someone you think would be a good committee member or chairperson, we would be happy to contact her/him on your behalf.

If you are interested in acting as committee chairperson; please include a statement of your interest and relevant skill set in your email and send to [email protected].

Committee Needs

  • Bylaws Committee - Donna Stantion, Chair
    • Seeking Committee Members
    • Charged to:
      • Comprehensively review organizational bylaws
      • Report findings to the board
      • Make revision recommendations to the membership prior to annual membership meeting
  • Communications Committee - Lindsay Wydra, Chair
    • Seeking Committee Members
    • Scope of work:
      • Assist in posting to website and social media
      • Development of event flyers
      • Development of articles and newsletter, brochures, etc.
      • Report to Board and at annual membership meeting
  • Conference Committee - Kathy Valiska (Vice-President), Chair
    • Seeking Committee Members
    • Scope of work:
      • Charged with all aspects of the annual IRID Conference
      • Working under the guidance of the Vice President and with Board approval
      • Chair is not limited to one term
  • Finance Committee - Karen Janssen (Treasurer), Chair
    • Seeking Committee Chair (Co-Chairs) and Committee Members
    • Scope of work:
      • Maintaining organizational finances
      • Reporting to the Board and Membership
      • Oversight of fundraising and budgeting
  • Membership Committee - Sam Freeman, Chair
    • Seeking Committee Members
    • Scope of work:
      • Maintain membership records
      • Grow membership
      • Assist in completing annual renewal process and general membership drive
      • Report Membership statistics and activities
  • Nominating Committee - Donna Reiter-Brandwein, Chair
    • Seeking Committee Members
    • Scope of work:
      • Nominations shall be made by a nominating committee consisting of three members selected by the President.
      • The Nominating Committee shall convene 60 days prior to the election meeting.
      • The Nominating Committee will compile a slate of nominees to be announced to the membership with the official notice of the election.
      • Chair is not limited to one term.
  • Professional Development Committee - Kathy Valiska (Vice-President), Chair
    • Current CEU Processing maintained by Amy Kisner
    • Seeking Committee Members
    • Scope of work:
      • Creating professional development opportunities throughout the state of Illinois Complying with RID requirements for Approved Sponsorship
      • Maintain a positive relationship with partnering organizations and other state affiliate chapters regarding professional development
      • Complete professional developments activity reports
      • Work collaboratively with the Finance Committee and Board to budget for professional development
      • Incorporate member volunteers in workshop planning
      • Work collaboratively with IRID committees to ensure transparency and open communication
      • Work collaboratively with the IRID Board to develop policies and procedures for professional development
      • Report activities


Frequently Asked Questions

How are Committees Organized?

The committee is led by a chair with the support of the board. Volunteer leaders work to meet the assigned scope of work until completed. Committee term ends when scope of work is completed.

When does the committee meet?

The committee meets on as needed basis to be determined by the Committee Chairperson and its members. Email correspondence and group boards should be utilized to further the work of the committee.

Who pays my expenses?

IRID will reimburse the committee for expenses directly related to committee functions (ie. copies, software or web development training, etc.) Personal travel, food, and lodging will be reviewed by The Finance committee and/or Board on a case by case basis prior to event. Original receipts are required for reimbursement.

What are my responsibilities as a Volunteer Member?

Committee members are expected to attend all scheduled committee meetings, to assist in accomplishing the tasks set forth in the scope of work and ultimately to support the implementation of IRID’s Strategic Plan.

How does the committee maintain accountability to the Board of Directors?
  • The committee chairs will review the committee’s scope of work and provide feedback related to the tasks, priorities, timelines, workflow, etc., to the board at the beginning of every committee term.
  • Throughout the term, the chair will work with the committee to provide a progress report to the board prior to each scheduled board meeting.
  • At the end of the term, the committee chair will submit a final progress report to the board, indicating the outcomes and making recommendations for future projects and initiatives for consideration by the board.
  • Committee Chairpersons are required to submit a written or verbal report to the IRID membership at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Please consider giving.  Email [email protected]