2020 RID Region V Representative Nominees

On Wednesday July 1, 2020, all eligible voting members will receive an email from RID@simplyvoting.com, with an elector ID and password to access the ballot for the 2020-2023 Board of Directors vote for Region V Representative. Voting will remain open until July 15, 2020.  Reminder emails will be sent throughout the two weeks for those members who have not voted.  

Sandy Pascual, NIC

Hello, my name is Sandy Pascual. I moved to Oregon from Miami, Florida three years ago. I have almost 20 years of trilingual interpreting experience. Growing up in a Hispanic household, I am a native Spanish speaker. I also grew up with a cousin that is Deaf. She is the reason I started learning ASL and became fascinated with the language and culture. I then decided to pursue my degree in ASL Interpreting at Miami Dade College.

Additionally, I hold my Master’s Degree in Business Administration, I am a Certified Medical Interpreter (CoreCHI), a Qualified Mental Health Interpreter (Q-MHI), an Oregon Certified Healthcare Interpreter (OCHI) and served on the Oregon Health Authority’s Council on Health Care Interpreters (OCHCI). I am running for the position of Region 5 representative because I feel it is important to be involved in the process of elevating the bar of our profession. I believe in the role of Region 5 representative, I will be able to work alongside associate chapters and offer support to the chapter Presidents, Vice Presidents and board members. In our current times, it is important for BIPOC interpreters to rise up and be involved.

Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to meeting you all in the future.

Krystal Sanders, CDI

Hello, my name is Krystal Sanders. I moved to Seattle Washington two years ago from the Kansas City Kansas metro area. My interpreting journey started at Johnson County Community College, where I was the first and only Deaf student in the ASL to English Interpreting Preparation Program. As a first year student in the program, I started my volunteerism as a first year student representative for Students of Kansas Association of Interpreters. I was the Co-President of SKAI, my second year. Throughout my second year as a student, I started my internship and practicum. 

I went to CIT, Conference of Interpreters Trainers in Portland, Oregon in 2014 where I had my first conference experience. I went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to have my practicum with Professional Interpreting Enterprise. There I worked with Michael Maffucci, CDI. I also went to Salt Lake City, Utah and had my practicum with Trenton Marsh, CDI at The Sanderson Community Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Upon graduation, 2015, I went back to SLC and participated in Sorenson’s VRSII Student to Work program. While there, I worked within the local Deaf community and interpreting community, the experiences there left a mark on me.

In the same summer, I volunteered at RID’s national conference in New Orleans, where I met many amazing interpreters. I also attended the first Deaf Interpreter Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota. There, I met MANY CDI and DI from all over the US. I became certified in the fall of 2015. My volunteerism continued on when I became KAI-RID’s representative for the KC metro area. When my two year term was completed, I became the Vice Chair for RID’s Deaf Caucus SIG, where Sandy Mclennon was Chair. Throughout my serving the boards, I was also involved with the local DeafBlind community volunteering as a Support Service Provider in KC, the community small, but mighty. My relationship with the various communities have developed working relationships and friendships. 

In 2016, I worked as a volunteer in the RID Region V conference in Phoenix, Arizona and RID Region IV conference in Houston, Texas. In 2017, KAI-RID/KAD conference in Overland Park, Kansas. I was Chair of the program portion, where I brought in speakers all over the country, created the schedule and worked with the committee in making the conference a success. In 2018, I was offered a full time interpreting position with Sprint. I then moved to Seattle for the job.

In 2019, I was a Co-Chair for the registration portion of WSRID-WSAD conference. I recently completed my DeafBlind Interpreting Institute training at Western Oregon University. I still volunteer with the Seattle DeafBlind community. You have noticed that I have shown many volunteer work experiences to this point. It is my passion to work with different communities in volunteering capacities. I know many people’s niche and knowledge that if someone were to ask me about something that I am not familiar with, I connect them to people that are. They then can connect and develop a working relationship from that point on. This is my motivator, to see the communities come together and collaborate. 

My goal as a Region V Representative, I want to continue the development of collaborations between multiple communities. The Deaf, DeafBlind, hearing, and hearing interpreters. I will go to the small communities and see how I can support their organization’s growth and success. The stories of experiences, barriers, and triumphs will be brought to the RID board. The conversations will continue between the two as I conduct. Right now RID is going through a transformation towards betterment. We all want the system changed. Layers upon layers that have been built. Now is the time to take the layers of oppression away and start anew. By taking down the vertical system, we can build a horizontal system and collaborate with every community. Be all inclusive without the oppression of another. 

In the past RID’s focus have been the range of language from Spoken English to ASL, but the depth of the culture and lives have been neglected. I want the undertone to become the emphasis and all inclusive. How will this transformation be a success? You, your involvement, your stories, your experiences. What you share with me will be shared with the board and vice versa. As a conduit between you and the board, we can work together and collaborate. The long links of chains need to be taken apart. No links will be of more importance than another. The links will all connect to one big ring, together.

Thank you,

Krystal Sanders