Board Announcement: Motion to Investigate Transitioning RID into a Professional Certification Organization

English Version:

As Transformation has been the guiding principle for this current board, we have been actively involved and engaged in shifting critical aspects of the association. During the April 15, 2020 Board meeting the following motion was adopted: Move the RID Board of Directors and RID Headquarters actively investigate the processes and strategies behind transitioning RID from a Member Driven Association to a Professional Certifying Organization.

This motion is one that has had some preliminary discussions, specifically through the work of the Strategic Transformation Committee that was created to focus on the Board structure and equitable voting motions that were passed by the membership this summer. As our talented committee met they asked us to revisit the concept of a member-driven association versus a professional certifying body. In our research we are already realizing that this is a discussion for the larger membership. Over the years RID has had a foot in both doors with oversight of the Professional Development Committee, Certification Committee, Ethics Committee, Ethical Practices System, and Code of Professional Conduct while also being member driven. Is this model still serving us, as an organization?

To collectively discuss this shift we will be holding town hall meetings. We anticipate holding them many times over the next year in preparation for the 2021 National Business Meeting. At this point we have two scheduled events May 12 and 28, 2020. We also have started formulating plans on how we work with our Affiliate Chapter presidents and leadership to facilitate dialogue around the complexities of this issue.

This transition would be complex. We understand that ultimately this is about a shift in power in the future. With that shift, we lose some things. As a board, as those elected to steward this profession for a time, we believe there is even greater potential for growth and advancement in the profession which subsequently leads to growth and advancement for deaf peoples. And because this situation and concept are so complex, we can’t do it without you. You’ll hear from us soon on ways that you can join and contribute to the conversation.