CM2017.01 Comments Cont’d_BOD

Proposed 2017 Conference Motion Comments Con’t:

The RID Board of Directors shares their comments as follows: 

Motion name: CM2017.01



The Board agrees that instruction in ASL and involvement with the Deaf Community are critical components of a healthy education cycle.  However the board is opposed to this motion for many reason, including the disproportionate impact on interpreters in rural areas. Opportunities for earning CEUs can be infrequent to non-existent in many communities. For members living abroad, in American island territories, outside of the contiguous United States, and in isolated communities, this motion may result in a unique, extreme hardship.

It is unclear to the Board how this motion would achieve the goals of the stated rationale.  Workshops in person are often in spoken English and participants are frequently not engaged while many online opportunities are presented in ASL with live interaction required. In whichever setting, it is incumbent upon the member who is earning CEUs to conduct themselves with integrity and be invested in the learning process.

In addition, the Board feels it is important to note the fiscal impact stated is inaccurate.  Should this motion pass it will require a major database update.  The approximate cost of a change of this nature to the database would cost at least $10,000.  This is not within RID’s budget at this time.