Honoring Black History Month with Maryann Diaz

Maryann Diaz
Nominated by Erika Murray, NYC Metro RID Affiliate Chapter President

Maryann Diaz is a results-driven and dedicated change agent with over 10 years extensive expertise in a unique blend of facilitation, higher education, interpreting, management and social services. With a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Kean University, Maryann is fervent about Diversity and Inclusion and creating accessible and equitable learning environments/resources for both,hearing and Deaf scholars of color.

 As a first-generation college graduate, and Child of Deaf Adults (CODA), Maryann utilizes advocacy, cultural competence, compassion, education (formal and informal), and solidarity to empower marginalized groups. Challenging systemic structures that maintain and perpetuate oppression, Ms. Diaz strives to create brave spaces that name deficits, encourages progressive thinking and formulates immediate action plans that are attainable and culturally responsive. Traveling to multiple countries across the globe, and aforementioned time servicing the education and non profit sectors, Maryann is passionate about diverse representation,  eradicating barriers, and building genuine human connections.

In addition to her work as an American Sign Language Interpreter and workshop facilitator,  as a Licensed Social Worker, she diligently volunteers with several community based organizations to educate, empower, facilitate and support healing amongst Deaf and hearing populations of color. Ms. Diaz resides in Brooklyn, NY and in her free time enjoys a great run, weekend brunches, spending time with loved ones, and is working on her memoir “Just a Lil Brown Girl”.