Introducing Providence with 2019 RID Conference Co-Hosts

LaTanya Jones: Hello everyone! I’m LaTanya Jones, Region I Representative for RID Board of Directors. Today I’d like to introduce our co-hosts for 2019 RID National Conference. These two wonderful individuals are: Danielle Loughlin, President of Rhode Island Association of the Deaf, RIAD; and Hayley Baccaire, President of Rhode Island Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, RIRID. Please help me to welcome them both!

DL: Hi! My name is Danielle Loughlin, I’m President of Rhode Island Association of the Deaf.

HB: Hi, I’m Hayley Baccaire, I’m President of Rhode Island RID.

DL: Welcome to RID National Conference in Providence, Rhode Island!

HB: Danielle, why do you love Rhode Island?

DL: I love it because it is a small state but there’s so much to do. We have many beaches, we have city life that you see behind me, and we have GOOD food. Hayley, you grew up here in Rhode Island, right? What’s your favorite part of the state?

HB: I love Rhode Island because we have such a diverse community, and it’s easy to travel. In Providence you can walk to see beautiful museums and universities – there is so much to learn if you’re curious and it’s just a fun place.

DL: Well, we’re excited to see you all in July! Come on out!