IRID Position Statement


 The Illinois Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (IRID) condemns racism and deplores the impact that historic, deeply rooted, and systemic inequities have on our members, the communities we serve, and our nation.

We commit to rooting out the systemic inequities that exist in our communities and within our profession.  This is a time for evaluating our individual and collective contributions to maintaining the status quo and our responsibility to change it. We must identify meaningful solutions that address the challenges facing Black people to enable every person to be heard, to feel safe, and to thrive.

IRID stands in solidarity with the Black community. IRID condemns deep-rooted racism, systemic violence, and police brutality against Black individuals.

IRID recognizes and supports the importance of Black-led movements. We stand in solidarity with those community members creating space for change. We look forward to working with all who are invested in creating a more equitable and inclusive organization for generations to come.

Black Lives Matter.