Member Spotlight

Kelly Decker, NIC Advanced

Region I – Vermont

Winter VIEWS 2019 Member Spotlight

Where does your passion lie?

My passion lies in unpacking and coming to a greater understanding of the definition of the task of interpreting. The work we do is rich with so many layers that impact and affect the work – social, political, linguistic, cultural, and cognitive, to name a few.  

How has interpreting provided opportunities for you?

Interpreting has provided me opportunities to serve. I’ve had the good fortune of being involved with coordinating events, serving on committees and councils, and humbly gaining leadership experience along the way. With all of these opportunities to serve, I’ve been able to learn from others who have taken the time to teach and mentor me along the way. This includes colleagues in the field and Deaf community members. These people have taught me what interpreting has been, what it is, and where we should be going. For that I am ever grateful.

Is there a golden rule to maintain longevity in this profession?

Should you have a passion – go for it. Become an expert in what excites you and share that passion with others. Engage wholeheartedly. Sometimes that is not always the easy road, but it is the most authentic.

What words of encouragement do you have for a person like yourself, who is interested in becoming an interpreter?

As a Coda interpreter, I would encourage all Codas to find other Codas. Talk to them, listen to their stories, create an ethical support community. They will be your bridge. They will see you through on your journey. They will provide a haven should you feel alone.

Kelly Decker, NIC Advanced, is highly invested in the development of the interpreting field. She is engaged in leadership at the local, regional, and national level of the interpreting profession. She has coordinated and implemented countless community based projects and events primarily focusing on social justice and Deaf-parented interpreters. Kelly has been working throughout RID Region I in private practice since 2005. She currently serves as the chair of the Deaf-Parented Interpreter (DPI) member section within RID. As an Integrated Model of Interpreting (IMI) practitioner, Kelly is involved in the dedicated practice of professional dialogue at the Etna Project.