Nominations Open for RID Region Reps!

Hey there! My name is CM Hall and I’m representing the RID Nominations Committee. This year, 2020, we will hold a new election for the (5) Regional Rep positions for RID Board. 

Starting now, until March 1st, nominations are open for folks from different regions. The term begins this year, August 2020 and goes til August 2023. It’s a 3-year term.  There are 3 ways to nominate someone: 1) mail, 2) email to, or 3) the more popular way is to follow the link below.  

To be eligible, the individual must be certified and must have been an RID member for the last 4 years. Nominations will close on March 1st, 11:59pm. That’s it! Start spreading the word and recruiting folks to run! Nominations are open!