Open Letter to the Community

Open Letter to Community

The Illinois Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (IRID) Executive Board would like to address concerns that have been raised as a result of an emailed letter that IRID sent to Senator Julie Morrison. When IRID emailed Senator Morrison, our intention was not to oppose SB752, but to ask for clarification and to understand its impact.  We now understand that the wording of the letter appeared as opposition, which was not our intent. 
IRID strongly supports that the Director of the Illinois Commission be fluent in ASL and in no way intended to say otherwise. Our recommendation was that ASL fluency be incorporated into the Director’s job description, rather than into law, as a law cannot be easily changed. There might be a need or desire to change or expand the job description in the future. This was not communicated clearly in the original letter and should have been a concern better brought to IAD for their consideration.

IRID also fully supports and respects that the Deaf community lead legislative efforts impacting them.  We would like an opportunity to improve our collaboration moving forward.   At this time, IRID would like to start the healing process. We remain committed to Deaf leadership and to all of the Deaf, hard of hearing and DeafBlind people with whom we work every day.
Action steps IRID is undertaking: 

  1. Request a mediated discussion between IAD’s board and IRID’s board to strengthen our relationship and collaboration for the future.
  2. Develop and implement a plan to improve transparency between the Deaf community and IRID. 

IRID Executive Board 

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