Region IV special election nominations now open!

Hello, I’m CM Hall, and I’m here today as a representative of the RID Nominations Committee.
Starting today, Monday, November 18th, through Friday, December 6th, we have an open window for nominations for the special election of RID’s Region IV Representative. We need to formally elect a representative who will serve until the next term begins in 2020.
As you may remember, the last Region IV Representative resigned from the RID Board of Directors. The RID Board asked Deb Martinez to step in as an interim Representative; however, we still need to hold an election to be in compliance with the RID Bylaws. So, the process for nominations is now open.
The good news is that the nominations process can now be done through an online form (the link is below). After you’ve filled out the form on the website, it will send you an email confirmation of your nomination. In the confirmation, there will be a special link that you can share with others who also support the person you have nominated. By using this link to go to the online form, the first half of the form will be automatically populated with the name and information of the person you’ve nominated.
This particular nomination and election is limited to Region IV—only those who live within the region’s states (listed here) can nominate and vote. At the conclusion of the three-week nominations period, the Nominations Committee will confirm with all qualified nominees and accept their nominations, and then we will hold the special election. The goal is to wrap up this process by the beginning of 2020.
You can also email your nominations to
So, that’s it! We’ll have a SimplyVoting email that comes out after nominations are closed, and you’ll be able to vote, but for now, nominations are open for the RID Region IV Representative.
Thank you!