VLOG: Post Conference Update

Hello everyone!

Please check out this post conference update from IRID Board Secretary, David Rice.




Hello everyone!
I’m David Rice the IRID Secretary. I was thrilled to see many of you at our conference on June 2.
We had a great workshop discussing Power and Privilege. Our speaker, Keven Poore, lead many great discussions that were very impactful.
We also had our Membership Business meeting. During the meeting, we elected four new board members.
The first, new Vice President, Kathy Valiska.
The second, Karen Janssen will continue her work as Treasurer.
New Member-At-Large, Hershella Ashford.
And our new Student Rep from College of DuPage, Katrina Tindall.
Just prior to the membership meeting, Mary Kocsis resigned from her position due to health reasons. Rachel Griffin, was appointed to the board to serve for one year to finish Mary’s term.
The membership also voted to give a free year of membership to educational interpreters during our next membership cycle. For more details, please check out the minutes that will be available on the IRID website soon.
Right now, the IRID Board would like to thank our outgoing board members:
Vice President, Mandy Grazian
Member at Large, Cathy Silvern
Member at Large, Mary Koscis
and Student Rep Mark McWilliams
Thank you, I look forward to seeing you at the next IRID event.