Social Media is an integral part of any company’s connection with its members, consumers, and shareholders. Opening lines of communication to share information, express concerns, and address items that impact the organization’s growth is paramount to success as an administration.

RID’s 2017 Conference theme, LEAD Together, is a concept that fosters the empowerment of all members and the encouragement for members to join together in working towards a brighter and more fruitful future for RID and the profession of interpreting. The ultimate goal? To create a community of “WE” instead of “I” and “They,” and to cultivate power for positive and lasting change that lies within the membership and in our collaboration with the community we serve. RID is made up of not only the few, but the many. This is why we wish to implement the new hashtag for social media engagement: #WeAreRID.

Social media is constantly evolving, providing more opportunities to connect and share ideas, and so RID also wishes to progress and open up channels that allow our members’ voices to be heard! Members are encouraged to share dialogue using #WeAreRID to reach other members, start discussions, post photos, and exchange ideas.

This hashtag is more than a social media tool. It is a representation of who we wish to become as an organization. It’s what we stand for and what we stand behind – the idea that the members are the driving force of RID and the positive change we wish to see in our profession. RID is not about the individual- They are not RID. We are RID.