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Thanks COD, CAIRS, CHS, Deaf Inc., Sorenson!

IRID wishes to thank all of the sponsors of our recent membership meeting and workshop.  Without your generosity this event would not have been possible.  

2018 IRID Board

2018 IRID Board of Directors

IRID is proud to present your board members!

Left to Right: Secretary David Rice, newly elected Vice President Kathy Valiska, President Teri Hedding, Treasurer Karen Jansen, recently appointed Member-at-Large Racheal Griffin, newly elected Member-at-Large Hershella Ashford, newly elected Student Representative Katrina Tindall, and (not pictured) Member-at-Large Olivia Heitz.

Post Retreat Update

The IRID board had our retreat on November 17th and 18th to do the strategic planning  for the next two years. Wow! It was a very intensive weekend but very rewarding. Before we inform you of our plans, first, we want to thank Karen Putz and Kim Bianco for coming to the retreat to help us.

IRID Letter to Governor Rauner (re: Senate Resolution 5028)

The  Illinois Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (IRID) is writing this letter in response to the Senate Resolution (SR 0528), particularly the section where the Senators recommended the move of the Illinois Interpreter Licensure Law of 2007 from Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission to Illinois Finances and Professional Regulations (IDFPR).

IRID Executive Board Message

Hi, my name is Teri Hedding. I’m the President for IRID and I’m proud to say I am the first Certified Deaf Interpreter for President of IRID.  Hi, I’m Mandy Grazian. I am IRID’s Vice President.  Hi, I’m Sara Lucas, the IRID Secretary.Hi, I’m Suzanne Salerno, the Treasurer. Also, there are four others on the Board. Member at Large 1: Cathy Silvern, 2: Mary Kocsis, 3: Olivia Heitz, and Student Representative: Mark McWilliams.

My first duty is this vlog. There will be vlogs sent out periodically keep you informed of what IRID has done, and will do, for all of you.