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New RID Website Design!

RID is excited to launch our new website landing page design to celebrate…. you! We have received your comments and ideas as you continuously requested for a more accessible, interactive, and resourceful site- and we hope this new layout will lead to just that!

CM2017.01 Comments Cont’d_Diversity Council

Proposed 2017 Conference Motion Comments Con’t:

The Diversity Council recognizes the intent of this motion but does not support the motion as written. Providing professional development opportunities in sign language requires a culture shift among presenters, hosting organizations, and workshop participants to ensure professional development opportunities reflect the value of using sign language during these interactions.

CM2017.01 Comments Con’t_PDC

Proposed 2017 Conference Motion Comments Con’t:

The PDC role is,To advise the RID Board of Directors and assists RID Headquarters in the oversight of the policies and standards for the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) and the Associate Continuing Education Tracking (ACET) program.”